Eco-friendly and patented gasification solution

  • Low temperature gasification treatment system, almost no generation of harmful gas (Under US EPA standard)
  • Gasification solution does not require fuel (gas, coal, electricity, etc.) when treating waste disposal by self-heating heat (only about 1 hour during initial ignition)
  • Superior safety with excellent low temperature gasification system.
  • It is possible to produce 776 KW of electricity per ton of  MSW gasification heat and can produce more than 45% of electricity generated from other incineration facilities.
  • Separation of municipal waste is unnecessary, plastics and tires can be gasified.
  • Waste materials are treated as non-toxic (frit) and used as concrete additives.
  • The space required to construct the plant is 3 to 5 acres.
  • Gasification facilities are 200 ton, 300 ton, 400 ton and 500 ton, and various types of facilities can be constructed.
  • It can be built at a lower cost than a typical incinerator.

The Comparison



MG Incineration


Type MSWAll except Nuclear WasteAll except Medical and Nuclear WasteAll-High calorific value best for Syngas production
MSW SizeShreddedNo RestrictionsNo restriction—As long as fits in Gasifier
Process TypeGasificationMG Incineration—Burn & BuryLow Heat Gasification
Added FuelElectric, Coke, Limestone, RDFCoal or other fuelsNone
SyngasCarbon Monoxide, HydrogenN/ANitrogen, Carbon monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen, Methane
Emissions ControlNo Data—Unproven to meet EPA StandardsGetting better but many Emissions problemsCEMS >3.2ng/dscm EPA certified

Syngas for Electric prod—Bio Fuels

Steam—Hot Water, Commercial & Residential use

Slag—Rock wool, Concrete blocks, bricks, tile, gravel, paper

Syngas—High grade fuels, chemicals

Frit/Fly Ash—Asphault

Silicon Dust—Concrete

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals—Recyclable

Hazardous Off Products2% Ash to Landfill-Slag no evidence to pass TCLP testing2% Bottom Ash—2% Fly Ash to Landfill—Reports show higher ash content to LandfillNone—100% Recyclables
O&M$8+M py—300 tpd$200,000 pd$2.5M USD/yr
Tonnage300tpd 200-500tpd
Electricity OutputIndustry Standard ≥ 500kwh/ton to 1000kwh/t--UnprovenIndustry Standard ≥ 500kwh/ton776kwh/t MSW per >25% moisture
FootprintNo Data10 Acres per 500tpd w/o Coal Storage (35 Acres w/coal storage)3-5 Acres
Cost$200+M200tpd=$150M USD$72M-500tpd
early ProfitNoNoYes

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