Green Planet Ecosystems LLC (GPE)

GPE is a group that is constantly striving for a clean environment both now and in the future.

We are the distributor of the MDGS company with a franchise and we aim to build solutions around the world.

GPE will focus on sustainable energy for both the environment and the community in which we operate.

We will work with businesses, governments and municipalities to recover energy from the waste to be sent to landfills.

By doing so, the environmental problems caused by waste can be greatly reduced and renewable energy can be produced.

Business plan

GPE started a project for environment and energy production in January 2018.

We will create a clean environment by introducing patented technologies for waste energy and environmental protection.

We have plans to build a low temperature gasification solution around the world.

GPE will work with manufacturers with extensive experience in waste management, recycling and technology development

We will strive to create commercial and sustainable alternatives with the benefits of producing renewable energy from waste and minimizing landfill.

GPE's pursuit Waste to Energy

GPE will provide a sustainable solution to waste management to make it a waste to renewable energy.

Reducing the amount of garbage that is reduced, reused, recycled, and sent to landfills provides better results for the environment, the community, and the environment.

Patented waste energy technology

The Inez power company built a demonstration plant in Kentucky in 2000,
As a global licensee for low temperature gasification technology (formerly the Americas), we have a commercially viable energy plant.

The facility treats 400 tonnes of waste per year and produces 776 KW of electricity per tonne.

Technology key benefits

Standard plant designs capable of treating multiple  waste streams:

  • Municipal Solid Waste(MSW)
  • Wood Waste
  • Problematic Waste (e.g. tyres, landfill different types of plastic)

Two-stage combustion process: waste is converted  into a synthetic gas (syngas) and then oxidised to  release heat energy.

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