For a greener environment

GPE's mission is to transform waste into energy for the next generation and make every effort to create a clean earth.

Severity of Waste on Earth

About 1.3 billion tons of solid waste  is generated globally each year.

Waste management must become more environmentally responsible.

The future of waste management must address the growing population, Which will increase waste  volumes and the types of waste produced.

GPE is providing an environmentally superior waste management solution to landfill and traditional incineration.

GPE's Waste to Energy

The GPE will provide a sustainable solution to waste management to generate reusable energy from waste.

Reducing, reusing and recycling the amount of waste sent to landfills brings better results to the environment, the community, and the environment.

Patent Gasification - Energy Technology

As a global licensee for low temperature gasification technologies around the world, we have a commercially viable energy plant to own and operate.

The plant is currently in operation in the state of Kentucky, USA .

The facility processes 440 tons of waste per day and produces 776 KW of electricity per ton of US MSW

Since 1993

Why waste to energy?

Within a decade, production of MSW had increased to 1.3 billion tons per year, an increase of more than 80 per cent, largely the result of growing urban populations, sustained economic growth and increased consumer consumption.

USA also has experienced similar growth in waste generation, with almost 58 million tons of solid waste produced in 2009/10, or just over two tons per person, an increase of almost 70 percent in just seven years.

New Energy will provide a sustainable solution to waste management, by working to divert waste from landfill to create renewable energy.

The more waste that can be reduced, reused, recycled and diverted from landfill, the better the result for the environment and the community.

Benefits to Community

Environmentally – Economically – Technologically – Politically BETTER

Maximizes beneficial use of waste

  • Diverts waste from landfilling while extending the lifespan of current landfills and extending the timeline for the landfill closing
  • Achieves increased environmental benefits,reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provides needed in-state capacity and long-term stability for municipalities waste management plans
  • Potentially reduces transportation impacts
  • Provides significant economic benefits in local job creation and on-going revenue sharing
  • Outside capital reduces the majority risk from the Community to the project investors
  • Potential revenue sharing with the City/County/State via public private partnerships (P3) structure
  • Accelerates and diversifies the advance of high quality renewable energy initiatives
  • Reimbursement to the City/County/State for any up front development costs
  • Potential additional revenue opportunity for importing MSW from other communities
  • Renewable energy technology showcase to the world

The world's only patented gasification solution.

Utilizing our newest technology, we can convert waste to produce clean energy and create a pleasant environment.
We are committed to creating a greener environment for the next generation.